Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Speaker of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR RI) Lestari Moerdijat has urged the House of Representatives (DPR RI) leaders to "heed their conscience" and expedite the process of finalizing the sexual violence prevention bill.

"I believe dialogues can continue even when the bill passes its next parliamentary procedure. The DPR leaders must not deliberately hold the bill because we must urgently address sexual violence issues in our country," Moedijat said in Jakarta on Monday.

The decision to hold the bill by excluding it from bills ratified in the last House plenary session has exposed its speakers' "insensitivity" to public concern, she added.

Finalizing the bill is urgent, as the law will be a relief for sexual violence victims and provide formidable protection to women and children who are exposed to the threat of sexual violence, the deputy speaker opined.

"Women and children are important aspects of this nation because it is the mothers who will bear the nation's future," she remarked.

Moerdijat expressed the hope that the legislators will exert their effort in finalizing the bill by expediting administrative necessities for the bill to be passed as law.

"The public expected DPR leaders to establish constructive dialogue and expedite efforts to ratify the bill to address the sexual violence threat often faced by vulnerable groups, such as women and children," the deputy speaker said.

She further said she is confident the House will focus on passing the sexual violence prevention bill during the next parliamentary plenary session as the present technical and administrative issues will be addressed properly.

A thorough and collaborative measure by providing a legal basis to protect sexual violence victims and vulnerable groups is essential to address sexual violence issues in the country, she added.

The collaborative measure must start from politicians who must reaffirm their political will to address sexual violence issues, she stressed.

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Translator: Imam B, Nabil Ihsan
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