Gorontalo (ANTARA) - People's Consultative Assembly (MPR RI) Deputy Speaker Fadel Muhammad sought reelection as senator in the 2024 General Elections, thereby becoming the first person to register his candidacy in his home province of Gorontalo.

At Gorontalo's General Elections Commission (KPU) office on Monday (May 1), the Regional Representative Council (DPD RI) senator said he had received electoral support reaching four thousand, thereby surpassing the DPD RI candidacy criteria threshold.

"According to the KPU, the minimum electoral support required is only one thousand, but I can achieve four times the required support," Muhammad stated.

He said that according to the local KPU head, the electoral support he garnered is the highest among DPD RI candidates from Gorontalo that had submitted their proof of electoral support before their registration.

The high level of support demonstrated that Gorontalo residents trusted him to continue his tenure as senator, Muhammad emphasized.

"Hence, as long as I am still here, I will devote my heart and thoughts to Gorontalo," he remarked.

Muhammad, who served as Gorontalo governor from 2001 to 2009, expressed gratitude for electorates that supported his reelection as a senator and for the KPU to accept his registration as a DPD candidate.

"I decided to register earlier today (May 1). I also wish to express my gratitude to residents and my campaign team for supporting me," he remarked.

Meanwhile, Gorontalo KPU head Fadlyanto Koem stated that Muhammad is the first person to have registered his candidacy for the 2024 Elections on day one of the candidate registration period.

"May 1, 2023, is the start of the registration period for candidates of the province-, district-, and municipal-level legislatures (DPRD) in Gorontalo and DPD RI. Mr Fadel Muhammad is the first (to register his candidacy)," Koem stated.

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Translator: Susanti Sako, Nabil Ihsan
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