Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned energy company PT Pertamina (Persero) has said it is implementing four community programs, based on adaptation and mitigation approaches for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria to support the government’s Climate Village Program (Proklim) for cutting carbon emissions.

The climate village program is a national movement for community-based climate change control.

“In conducting the climate village programs, Pertamina facilitates multi-stakeholders and multilevel collaboration in implementing concrete climate action at the local level, especially in each nearby village from our operation areas,” Pertamina's Vice President of Corporate Communication Fajriyah Usman informed here on Wednesday.

Pertamina is using four approaches in the programs: greening to increase and maintain vegetation cover, waste management, utilization of new and renewable energy (NRE), and agricultural cultivation with low greenhouse gas emissions to prevent land and forest fires, she informed.

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry is aiming to create 20 thousand climate villages by 2024 to encourage communities to increase climate resilience through adaptation actions and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through mitigation, Usman noted.

In July 2021, Pertamina's Plaju refinery cooperated with the Plaju district authorities and the community of Ring 1 to create a climate village, she informed.

Pertamina's Plaju refinery has so far supported Proklim in Talangbubuk village, Proklim community units (RW) 002 Plaju Ulu, Proklim RW 008 Plaju Ulu, Proklim RW 016 Plaju Ulu, and Proklim RW 007 Talangputri, she said.

A number of programs have been carried out in the villages for community-based climate change control to ensure environmental sustainability for future generations, she added.

In addition, four climate village programs (Proklim) assisted by Pertamina's Cilacap refinery have also been verified since August 2021, Usman said.

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The four climate village programs include an integrated mangrove conservation program in Lempong Pucung Village, Kampung Laut Sub-district; an energy-independent village program in Bondan Village, Kampung Laut District; a quality village (KB) program called ‘Girl’ in Tegalreja Village, South Cilacap Sub-district; and the Kemirean Asri Cooperative in Tegalkamulyan Village, South Cilacap Sub-district, she added.

"We believe that to achieve climate action targets, all elements at various levels must work together to build climate resilience and minimize greenhouse gas emissions," Usman said.

In addition, Pertamina has also received awards for supporting Proklim in 2021, she added.

PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas), as an affiliate of PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk, Sub Holding Gas Pertamina, received an award in the category of "Appreciation for Supporting Proklim 2021" at the peak event of the 2021 Climate Festival organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) on October 19, 2021, she said.

PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional (PT KPI), through its two operating units, also won an appreciation from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry the same month for supporting the Climate Village Program (Proklim), she added.

"Therefore, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry should give high appreciation and much gratitude to the roles of various companies and institutions in the 2021 Climate Festival," Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya Bakar said.

In 2021, Pertamina earned 23 awards for company environmental preservation rating from the ministry, namely Program Penilaian Peringkat Kinerja Perusahaan Dalam Pengelolaan Lingkungan (Proper) Emas 2021, Usman informed.

The achievement was higher than 2020, when Pertamina received 16 Proper Emas awards, she added.

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