Jakarta (ANTARA) - Ex-Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator Novel Baswedan and 43 other officers earlier dismissed after failing the civic knowledge test in September 2021 began their first day as civil apparatus for the National Police on Monday.

Former KPK officer Yudi Purnomo updated his status on the online messaging application, WhatsApp regarding his first day of work at the law enforcement institution.

"Yes, today is our first day. We are ready to receive the assignment on the corruption eradication efforts," Purnomo stated while confirming that he had begun working in the police force.

Purnomo spoke of having attended a briefing to receive job assignments on his first day of working at the police's Corruption Crime Directorate.

Officials and colleagues from the directorate have welcomed ex-KPK officers with open arms, he stated.

"I have been acquainted with some of the officers because we had earlier worked together while investigating corruption cases during my time in the KPK," Purnomo stated on his Whatsapp status that revealed his current employee card as a police officer.

Purnomo reiterated his commitment to eradicating corruption in Indonesia with renewed spirit in the institution where he currently serves.

"We will not be deterred in our anti-corruption struggle," he remarked.

Earlier, some 44 former KPK officers -- out of the 57 officers earlier dismissed by the KPK -- were inducted into the police force on Thursday (December 9, 2021), coinciding with the commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day.

The decision to recruit the 44 former KPK officers to the police force is expected to boost the police's efforts to eradicate corruption crimes in Indonesia, Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo remarked.

The general also noted that the present Corruption Crime Directorate will be reformed into Corruption Crime Eradication Corps, which will focus on corruption prevention and asset recovery duties.

"As we have inducted the 44 former KPK officers, we are determined to enhance the police's corruption eradication division, particularly with regard to its corruption prevention and asset recovery functions," Prabowo stated.

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Translator: Laily Rahmawaty, Nabil Ihsan
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