Street crimes make up third of conventional crimes: police chief

Street crimes make up third of conventional crimes: police chief

Metro Jaya Police's Precision Pioneer Patrol Team was inaugurated on Thursday (January 13, 2022). (ANTARA/Fianda Sjofjan Rassat) 

Be present among the community
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Thirty-five percent of the conventional crimes recorded in Indonesia throughout 2021 were street crimes, National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo has said.

"Throughout 2021, 79 percent of crimes were conventional crimes, and 35 percent of conventional crimes that occurred were street crimes," he informed at the Jakarta Metro Police headquarters here on Thursday.

While Prabowo did not provide further details on the number of street crimes, he lauded the step taken by the Jakarta Metro Police to form the Precision Pioneer Patrol Team to lower the incidence of street crimes and provide a sense of security to the community.

"The potential for crimes that occur in the midst of community activities in empty spaces, where there are no officers present, can certainly be overcome with your fast move as a patrol team," the police chief told the special patrol team.

He also instructed that the special patrol team be integrated with the 110 emergency service.

The integration is expected to speed up the reporting of crimes to the special patrol team so that the team can move quickly in emergency situations, he explained.

"Therefore, please integrate it (the team) with the 110 emergency service. Integrate it so that they (emergency situations) can be monitored, and when there are complaints related to criminal events that require the presence of the special team, they can be present quickly," he said.

He also instructed all team personnel to behave well and avoid violations while carrying out their duties.

"Be present among the community. Make sure that with the team's presence, a sense of security can truly be realized," he stressed.

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