Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi (ANTARA) - Five areas in Southeast Sulawesi were at risk of receiving moderate to heavy rains accompanied by lightning or thunder and strong winds, according to the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency.

The Kendari Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency forecaster, Fezal Habibie, in a written statement received on Wednesday, listed the areas in question comprising Kolaka, North Kolaka, East Kolaka, Konawe, and North Konawe districts.

"The early weather warning in the Southeast Sulawesi region today, to be exact in these five areas, is the likelihood of moderate to heavy rains that can be accompanied by lightning or thunder and strong winds," he stated.

Habibie explained that Iwoimendaa Sub-district in Kolaka District might be lashed by rains, and such weather conditions can be experienced all the way up to Wolo and Samaturu.

In Konawe District, rains might be received in the sub-districts of Abuki, Latoma, Asinua, and Kapoiala and can reach other areas, such as Unaaha, Pondidaha, Sampara, Soropia, Tongauna, Besulutu, Bondoala, Routa, Anggaberi, Meluhu, Amonggedo, Lalonggasumeeto, Padangguni, Morosi, Anggalomoare, Anggotoa, and North Tongauna.

On the other hand, some sub-districts in North Kolaka District that might receive rains are Lasusua, Rante Angin, Kodeoha, Ngapa, Wawo, Lambai, Watunohu, Katoi, and Tiwu, with a possibility of reaching Pakue, Batu Putih, Central Pakue, North Pakue, Porehu, and Tolala.

In North Konawe District, moderate to heavy rains are projected to batter Asera, Molawe, Lasolo, Lembo, Sawa, Andowia, and Motui sub-districts, with this condition possibly even being observed in Wiwirano, Langgikima, Oheo, Lasolo Islands, and Landawe.

Lastly, rains could also be received in Ueesi Sub-district, East Kolaka District, with a likelihood of also being experienced in Uluiwoi.

The agency notified that this condition could likely be experienced in areas in Buton District, specifically in Lasalimu District, South Lasalimu, Siotapina; Wakatobi District, being Wangi-wangi Sub-district, Kaledupa, South Wangi-wangi, South Kaledupa; and Kendari City, which included Mandonga Sub-district, Kendari, West Kendari, and Puuwatu.

"This condition is estimated to continue until 5:30 am (local time)," he remarked.

The agency urged the public to remain cautious of the risks of heavy rains, such as floods, puddles, strong winds, fallen trees, and slippery roads.
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Translator: M Harianto, Mecca Yumna
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