It is expected that the activities can encourage the patients to recover quickly.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Police chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo has appealed to people who do not qualify for COVID-19 self-isolation at home to use centralized isolation facilities provided by local governments.

While inspecting the Sukolilo Hajj Dormitory, Surabaya city, East Java province, on Saturday, he said that COVID-19 patients isolated at facilities will be monitored by health workers.

He asked the elderly and people with comorbidities who are asymptomatic or have mild COVID-19 symptoms to get isolated at such facilities.

“The medical treatment and supervision are much better at the facilities," he said.

Although the current mortality rate is still quite low, getting exposed to the virus is still risky for the elderly, people with comorbidities, and people who have not received the full vaccine dose, he said.

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The number of daily Omicron cases have exceeded the daily figure of Delta cases, he highlighted.

Hence, a special strategy is required for handling the surge in cases so that the number of exposed people declines significantly, he said.

During his visit to the Hajj dormitory, Prabowo monitored the availability of the isolation place and greeted and lauded the health workers on duty.

“The facility is good, the medicines are complete, and the health service is great. There are also a number of fun activities which can be done by patients while they are quarantined. It is expected that the activities will encourage the patients to recover quickly," he remarked.

He also expressed the hope that all patients at the isolation center would regain their health quickly.

"Hopefully, we can get through this new variant well and carry out our daily activities normally," he added.

According to the official site of the COVID-19 task force, an additional 59,384 COVID-19 cases were reported nationwide on February 19, 2022. Meanwhile, the number of active cases reached 520,910.
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