Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Environment and Forestry will extend assistance in waste management, climate change, and social forestry to 3,270 "climate villages" across Indonesia to support efforts to tackle climate change.

The ministry is currently assisting four villages under the Climate Village Program (Proklim) in Gianyar District, Bali, Director General of Waste and Hazardous Toxic Material Management (PSBL3) at the ministry Rosa Vivien Ratnawati informed at the commemoration of National Waste Care Day (HPSN) here on Monday.

"The four locations for Proklim that have been assisted will become the pilot for the other 3,270 climate villages across Indonesia," she said.

The four villages have upheld relatively good practices in waste management through a waste bank, composting activities, and a reduce-reuse-recycle waste processing site (TPS3R) involving the surrounding community, she noted.

Through the waste management efforts in the four villages, there is potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1,260 gigagrams of CO2 equivalent by 2030, she informed.

"This is impressive because, given the small number of residents, these four villages can make a real contribution to reducing greenhouse gases from the waste sub-sector," she explained.

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With assistance through the Proklim program, it is hoped that the four villages will improve their waste management capacity significantly, Ratnawati said.

To mark the 2022 National Waste Care Day, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has synergized three main programs, namely waste management, climate change mitigation, and social forestry, for reducing emissions through Proklim and by promoting social forestry, she added.

Themed "Manage Waste, Reduce Emissions, Develop Proklim,” it is hoped that the 2022 National Waste Care Day will become a platform to strengthen the position of the waste management sector as a force for mitigating climate change impacts arising from the waste sector, she remarked.

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