Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Minister of Environment and Forestry Alue Dohong expressed optimism that "climate villages" would be able to build their networks to share experiences and innovations as part of the efforts to tackle climate change.

The climate villages are mentored under the Kampung Iklim Program, with focus on boosting the spirit of integrating waste treatment to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increasing village resilience against the impacts of climate change.

"I am also optimistic of a network of climate villages, like a type of association or WhatsApp group that can be formed by villages together, so they can exchange experiences and discuss problems, challenges, and innovations of each team," Dohong remarked during the 2022 National Waste Care Day here on Monday.

The deputy minister also drew attention to one of the climate villages' successes in Tanjungsari, Blitar City, in East Java, which has processed organic household waste into compost, formed a garbage bank in each hamlet, and used applicable technology to facilitate waste bank activities.

The good model of waste treatment at the village level also came from Mukti Jaya, Rokan Hilir District, in Riau, which has processed organic and inorganic garbage and had a waste bank until now.

Another climate village is Poleonro, Bone District, in South Sulawesi, which initiated recycling actions, with a village representative saying they need support to improve the quality of production.

Regarding the need for third-party support, Dohong spoke of the government having issued an expanded producer responsibility policy (EPR) through Ministerial Regulation No. 75 of 2019 on the Road Map of Waste Reduction by Producers.

The regulation is expected to encourage companies to help communities manage waste as part of the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from methane gas produced by the waste sector.

"If what is done in these three villages can be replicated, adopted, and even improved in the future, then the government's target of 20 thousand climate villages by 2024 can be achieved successfully. Of course, the community's participation is very strategic to realize this," Dohong emphasized.

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