Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Sakti Wahyu Trenggono, affirmed that policy transformation in the Indonesian fishery sector would take off or start soon this year, especially related to measurable fishing policies.

"Indonesia's fisheries transformation will take off (soon) this year. The balance between ecological and economic factors is the main guideline in a future fisheries policy in our country," Minister Trenggono noted in a release here on Wednesday.

While addressing thousands of participants at the 9th annual World Ocean Summit (WOS) international forum, March 1, 2022, Minister Trenggono stated that his ministry had introduced a measured fishing policy, which is part of the transformation of Indonesia's fisheries sector.

At a presentation titled "Vision Indonesia 2045: Blue Economy for Indonesian Fisheries," Trenggono stated that the implementation of measurable fishing policies is one of the three main phases in the transformation of fisheries governance in Indonesia.

In that phase, a quota-based fishing policy should be followed by efforts to restructure the fishermen's economy.

The next phase is accelerating growth that focuses on the blue economy as well as strengthening that growth. Through these phases, the government has set a target to become a sustainable marine economy-based country that is recognized by the world.

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"Quota-based fisheries will be our main tool to maintain the marine environment and at the same time to promote economic growth," the minister emphasized.

Trenggono explained that measurable fishing is also a manifestation of the implementation of the blue economy principle.

According to the minister, Indonesia, as a member of the Ocean Panel, makes the blue economy principle as one of the main references for realizing a sustainable marine economy and improving the people's welfare.

"Indonesia has a strong commitment to restoring marine health and accelerating a sustainable marine economy," he remarked.

Minister Trenggono had earlier stated that the measurable fishing policy, to be implemented in 2022, will bring the marine and fisheries sector into a new era, with several positive impacts.

Trenggono believes that implementing a measurable fishing policy will proffer several positive impacts, especially for the eastern region of the Republic of Indonesia.

The minister noted that the various positive impacts comprised the growth of new businesses that could increase employment as well as equitable economic growth in coastal areas, so that it will no longer be concentrated on the island of Java.
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