Makassar, Sulawesi (ANTARA) - Former vice president Jusuf Kalla opined that postponing the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Election and Legislative Election set for February 14, 2024, ran counter to the Constitution.

"That (postponement of the election) is not in accordance with the Constitution," Kalla noted in Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Friday.

Kalla emphasized that the Constitution had regulations that should be followed in order to conduct the democratic process, one of which is by holding elections every five years.

"We have a Constitution (in place), and we obey the Constitution. That is it. If you want to (prolong the time until election), you must follow the Constitution unless the Constitution is changed," he remarked.

Moreover, not everyone agrees with the discourse of postponing the election proposed by political party elites for the next one or two years.

"Large number of people disagree," he pointed out.

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Kalla also noted that Indonesia had extensive experience of democracy until it was bloodied by conflict over the course of the nation's history. However, everything was still running smoothly and could be controlled. He deemed obeying the constitution as a more apposite effort.

"We have too many conflicts. We obey the Constitution. That is all," he noted.

According to Kalla, the 1945 Constitution had mandated that elections be hosted once every five years. He was concerned that the discourse of postponing the election would incite problems, as there were allegations that other parties would abuse it for their own interests.

The discourse on the postponement of the 2024 General Election emerged after the determination of the General Elections Commission's schedule was announced. The proposal to postpone the election was issued by the deputy chairman of the House of Representatives as well as the general chairman of the National Awakening Party, Muhaimin Iskandar.

This suggestion was also seconded by leaders of other political parties, such as General Chairperson of the Party of Functional Groups, Airlangga Hartarto, and General Chairperson of the National Mandate Party, Zulkifli Hasan. However, several people were against the postponement.
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