According to the information we received, the victims of CMT's scam and its group of 350 people were all suspected to be coming from China based on their phone numbers
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Directorate General of Immigration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is preparing to deport 26 nationals (WNA) from China to their country of origin over their suspected involvement in a cyber fraud syndicate.

"The team from the Immigration Supervision and Enforcement is preparing to deport 26 foreigners suspected of being an international fraud syndicate," director of immigration supervision and enforcement, Pria Wibawa, said in a written statement on Wednesday.

On March 15, 2022, the Criminal Investigation Agency of National Police (Bareskrim) handed over the 26 foreigners to the Directorate General of Immigration.

They are suspected to be members of an international syndicate perpetrating cyber fraud through WhatsApp and fake call centers.

The arrests of the suspects began after Bareskrim received a list of people wanted by Taiwan Police on February 18, 2022. The list was accompanied by a request for assistance in the arrest of a foreigner from Taiwan, identified by his initials as CMT.

Following this, police arrested CMT and members of his network, including evidence, from five different locations.

CMT and his group are suspected to have committed cyber fraud by illegally accessing cellphone numbers and the identities of potential victims.

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Members of the syndicate sent messages through WhatsApp or called the victims, claiming to be Chinese police officers and telling the victims they were suspected in connection with a case.

The victims were then asked to contact the Chinese police on a certain number, which in reality connected to a fake call center set up by the syndicate.

When the victims called the call center, they were asked to wire money to a company affiliated with CMT. The companies included PT Trading Global International, PT Trio Pilar Trading Indonesia, and PT Lide Trading International.

"According to the information we received, the victims of CMT's scam and its group of 350 people were all suspected to be coming from China based on their phone numbers," Wibawa informed.

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The fraud case against them will be executed by law enforcement officers in their country.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the deportation process, the Directorate General of Immigration team also checked the travel documents of the suspects to check for any immigration violations.

"If we find any immigration violations, we will impose sanctions based on law," he said.

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