Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned assets in Jakarta will be optimized after the national capital is relocated to East Kalimantan, according to an official from the Finance Ministry.

Director of state-owned assets and information system at the ministry's Directorate General of State Assets, Purnama Sianturi, said that after the capital relocation, government buildings that were hosting ministries and government institutions could be managed or rented to private institutions.

"We are yet to specify how the optimization will take place, but we determined that state-owned assets in Jakarta must be optimized (after the capital relocation)," Sianturi said during an online discussion in Jakarta on Friday.

Optimizing state-owned assets in Jakarta after the capital relocation will ensure extra revenues for the government, she added.

The director said that the agency is yet to determine the assets that would be optimized as it must wait for government ministries and institutions, the current tenants of state-owned assets in Jakarta, to finalize their relocation plan and record assets that will not be transferred to the new capital.

"We are yet to determine the total number (assets that will be optimized), but in principle, we will optimize all assets in Jakarta that are not transferred to the new capital," Sianturi informed.

According to Annex II of Law no. 3 of 2022 on National Capital, government ministries and institutions will be relocated from Jakarta to the new capital, Nusantara, in East Kalimantan, in five phases.

Government officials and institutions that will be relocated in the first phase are the President and Vice President; the national legislature; the Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, and the Judiciary Commission; the coordinating ministries and the triumvirate ministries -- Home Affairs Ministry, Foreign Ministry, and Defence Ministry.

In the second phase, ministries relevant to the national capital development and the provision of basic services, human development, and culture will be relocated. The third phase will involve the relocation of the economic and investment affairs ministries.

Non-ministry government institutions will be relocated in the fourth phase and non-structural government institutions in the final phase.

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