Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) Commissioner-General Boy Rafli Amar stated that sea transportation activities could become the entry point for radicalism ideology.

"This ideology is not picky, and it can spread through anywhere. We must build total prevention together with all elements," Amar noted in a written statement received here, Tuesday.

The BNPT head made the statement after signing a cooperation agreement with state-owned ferry operator, PT Pelni, to prevent radicalism and acts of terrorism.

Amar later emphasized the importance of cooperation for prevention. Moreover, PT Pelni serves to connect people from one region to another through sea transportation services that have the potential to be globally connected.

Amar noted that Indonesia was one of the countries affected by transnational ideologies that could threaten state security. World terrorist organizations were currently behind the spread of the ideology, and it can be followed by anyone.

"Therefore, collective awareness is needed to anticipate any related terrorism ideology to be eradicated," he affirmed.

Amar noted that in general, several young people had become victims of the radical ideological propaganda. Radical groups were increasingly developing intolerance. Moreover, terrorism groups to this day also continue to expand their wings to push the propaganda by often linking religion to their interests.

The cooperation agreement between BNPT and PT. Pelni contained several activities that were agreed upon, with the first being data and information exchange to prevent terrorism.

The second area of focus was assistance in the preparation of internal guidelines related to terrorism prevention. The next pertained to organizing training related to terrorism prevention and socialization related to terrorism prevention that covers counter-radicalization and protection of facilities and infrastructure.

The other activities comprised cooperation in the implementation of social and environmental responsibilities in accordance with the program, while the last one pertained to other possible activities carried out through mutual agreement.
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