We have a special class to read and write the Quran in Braille. We have assigned special teachers (for the class)
Temanggung, Central Java (ANTARA) - Dozens of Muslims with visual impairment recited verses from the Holy Quran using an edition printed in tactile Braille letters at Penganthi Social Service Centre for Persons with Visual Impairment here on Monday.

Sumarni, a teacher at the Central Java government-run social center, said that Muslims with visual impairment who study the Quran using Braille at the center have varied proficiency, as they must first learn Braille letters before proceeding to read the Quran.

"We have a special class to read and write the Quran in Braille. We have assigned special teachers (for the class)," Sumarni informed.

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The teacher said that those who can read the Quran using Braille participate in the collective reading, while those who are at present learning to read Braille join the assembly by listening to or memorizing Quranic verses.

The social center’s management has allocated more time for Quran reading for Muslims with visual impairment after the Tarawih evening prayer, but it is also allowing those who want to read the Quran outside the allotted time, she said.

Meanwhile, Suryadi, a Muslim with visual impairment at the social center, said that persistence in memorizing and understanding each Braille letter is necessary to read the Quran using Braille.

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"We must use our fingers to read the Quran in Braille, and our fingers must be sensitive," he added.

He said it takes two years to become proficient in reading the Quran using Braille letters. He then said he is thankful that his newly-acquired proficiency would allow him to read the Quran during the Ramadan period.

"We have no target of completing the Quran during the Ramadan period. I also want to complete my Quran recitation, but we must understand that the Quran in Braille is different from other Quran editions because one Quranic Juz' (a division of the Quran) in Braille is bundled in a large book," Suryadi added.

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