Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Chairman of Commission II of the House of Representatives (DPR) Junimart Girsang has asked the Home Affairs Ministry to reprimand the Indonesian Association of Rural Governments (APDESI) for endorsing a third Presidential term.

Girsang urged the ministry to remind rural government chiefs to abide by the existing law that bans village chiefs from getting involved in practical politics.

"Law Number 17 of 2013 regarding Mass Organizations and Law Number 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Governments clearly stipulate that village heads and apparatus must not engage in practical politics," he said during DPR Commission II’s working meeting at the Senayan Parliament Complex, here, on Tuesday.

It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs to foster and supervise the existence of mass organizations, hence the ministry, as the supervisor, should take a stand by reprimanding APDESI as a mass organization, for endorsing that President Joko Widodo's term of office be extended for the third term.

According to Indonesia's Constitution, the President's term is limited to two terms only. However, lately, there has been a discourse asking for a third term for President Widodo.

He said that the ministry should have reprimanded APDESI immediately when it expressed the endorsement.

The lawmaker also said that a statement of the ministry saying that there are legal and illegal APDESI managements is not necessary.

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"One is registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and the other one is registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Ministry of Home Affairs should have neutralized it and immediately reprimand APDESI so as not to become a wild ball in the community," he added.

Luqman Hakim, who is also deputy chairperson of Commission II of the DPR, shared the view that village heads and village officials are prohibited from carrying out practical political activities.

He also asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to enforce the rules by imposing sanctions on village heads and village officials who support the extension of President Widodo’s term of office to three terms.

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