We are fully committed to realizing Pertamina's energy transition
Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT Pertamina New Renewable Energy (NRE), which is engaged in the energy transition business, has completed a two-megawatt (MW) Solar Power Plant (PLTS) project in the Dumai refinery area in Riau.

Pertamina NRE Corporate Secretary Dicky Septriadi stated that the renewable energy plant will add to Pertamina's list of refineries that switch to using environmentally friendly electrical energy.

"We are fully committed to realizing Pertamina's energy transition. The 1.34-megawatt PLTS at the Cilacap refinery and the two-megawatt refinery in Dumai as well as the PLTS, with a capacity of more than one megawatt, at 143 gas stations are part of our initial steps to make the energy transition at Pertamina," he noted in a statement here on Wednesday.

Septriadi remarked that Pertamina's solar power plant potential is quite high, reaching 500 MW. With solid support and cooperation, the company is optimistic of realizing the energy transition to renewable energy.

The solar power plant in Dumai is a ground-mounted power plant built on an area of about two hectares with an on-grid system and is currently the largest ground-mounted solar power plant in Riau.

The plant will supply electricity to residential facilities belonging to the Dumai refinery. The percentage of clean energy supply is estimated to be able to meet around 20-30 percent of the area's electricity needs.

The electricity produced annually reaches 2.5 GWh and has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,052 tons per year. The potential for reducing emissions is also equivalent to the absorption of carbon dioxide by 97 thousand trees in a year.

PT Pertamina International Refinery implements various supporting programs, one of which is decarbonization that aligns with the commitment to implementing environment, social and governance (ESG).

"This is carried out by using PLTS for offices and workers' residential complexes at the Dumai and Cilacap refineries," Pertamina International Refinery Corporate Secretary Ifki Sukarya stated.

Regarding the G20 Indonesia Presidency, Pertamina has taken on a big role in the efforts to realize energy transition, wherein Pertamina Director Nicke Widyawati was appointed as Chair of the Energy, Sustainability, and Climate (ESC) Task Force of the Business of Twenty (B20), an international business dialogue space that has become part of the G20 agenda.

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