Jakarta (ANTARA) - Resounding gratitude was expressed to House Speaker Puan Maharani, upon ratification of the Draft Bill on Sexual Violence Crimes by the House of Representatives, thereby officiating it as a law.

"Thank you, Mrs. Puan, thank you, Mr. Deputy Minister. Thank you Mrs. Puan. Stop sexual violence," the people, who were present, stated while echoing their gratitude to the House of Representatives and the government at the 19th Plenary Meeting of the House of Representatives for the Session IV 2021- 2022 year at the Parliament Building, Senayan, here on Tuesday.

They extended their gratitude to Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej and all factions of the House of Representatives that had supported the bill's ratification.

"Is the Sexual Violence Crime Bill approved (for ratification) to be passed as a law?" Maharani asked the participants that drew a loud applause when Maharani knocked the gavel, as quoted in a press release.

Not only the House of Representatives and government, but the general public was also present during the meeting and tirelessly pushed for the bill's ratification.

"On this occasion, the Indonesian Women's Organization was present and also the Civil Society Network and the Forum for Service Providers for Sexual Violence Victims," Maharani stated while mentioning the list of representatives from the general public.

Since the onset, Maharani has encouraged transparency and involvement of the public in the discussion of the Sexual Violence Crime Bill.

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"All of them were present to support the decision (for the ratification) of the Sexual Violence Crime Bill. The ratification of the Sexual Violence Crime Bill as a law is a gift for all Indonesian women ahead of the commemoration of Kartini Day soon," she stated.

The ratification of the Sexual Violence Crime Bill was a gift for all citizens as well as a mark of progress of the nation.

"This is because the Sexual Violence Crime Law is the result of our collaborative work as well as our collective commitment to emphasize (the fact) that in Indonesia, there is no place for sexual violence," she stressed.

She affirmed that this ratification was a milestone for one of the efforts made by the people. The hard work of every citizen proves that good intentions will bear sound results.

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