This also proves that Indonesian specialty coffee products can compete and be in demand among consumers, especially in the US market
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian coffee successfully attracted potential transactions of US$19.5 million, or Rp283 billion, during the Specialty Coffee Expo (SCE) 2022 in Boston, the United States.

This demonstrated that the Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Ministry has successfully assisted Indonesian coffee SMEs in expanding their market access to the US, head of the Law and Cooperation Bureau, Henra Saragih, noted here on Wednesday.

"This also proves that Indonesian specialty coffee products can compete and be in demand among consumers, especially in the US market," Saragih stated.

During the exhibition at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on April 8-10, 2022, specialty coffee products from Indonesia succeeded in drawing praises of the world's coffee lovers, Saragih noted.

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According to the bureau head, the highest demand was recorded for the coffee products from West Java, Gayo, Mandailing, Luwak, Toraja, and Bali.

"It is hoped that through Indonesia's participation in the 2022 SCE, the number of Indonesian coffee exports to the US can increase," he noted.

In 2022, he remarked that the ministry had facilitated six business players in the sectors of coffee, chocolate, and beverage ingredients.

One of the six participants, Caldera Coffee, has found a potential buyer from Argentina, with potential transactions amounting to Rp157 billion for products of Toraja, Bali, Mandailing, Java, and Luwak coffee.

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Green beans of the Java Halu Coffee Farm from West Java were sought after by three potential buyers from the US, Mexico, and Ecuador. The three potential buyers will visit the plantation of Java Halu Coffee in May 2022 to conduct surveys and for the trade contract.

Another participant that the ministry has helped in the 2022 SCE, PT Sanika Indonesia Sukses, obtained potential purchases of capsule coffee from Ecuador, while Cokelatin secured potential orders from Canada, the US, and Panama, and the syrup product of PT Delifru Utama Indonesia attracted potential buyers from Rwanda, the US, and Qatar.

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