Hangzhou (ANTARA) - A number of instant coffee and vanilla bean products from Indonesia are being exhibited at the 2023 Global Digital Trade Expo, which is being held in Hangzhou, China, from November 23 to 27.

They are being showcased along with other main products from ASEAN countries at a booth featuring the results of digital economic cooperation between ASEAN and China.

"Those who like drinking coffee, like this (Indonesian instant) coffee because it is not too bitter," said Jinzhong Du, a booth keeper.

According to him, the instant coffee product from Indonesia has been quite popular since it was first introduced in China around 2017.

Indonesia is one of the largest producers of vanilla beans in the world, which are exported to a number of countries, such as the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada.

Vanilla beans are also called "black gold" on account of their high selling price.


Photo caption: Indonesian coffee products on display at the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo in Hangzhou China. The exhibition is on from November 23–27, 2023. (ANTARA/Heppy Ratna Sari)

Other food and beverage products on display at the booth include instant Sarawak laksa seasoning, several flavors of Malacca coffee, and dried durian from Thailand.

The 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo, which is being held at the Hangzhou International Expo Centre, was opened by the Vice President of China, Han Zheng, on Thursday.

The opening of the expo was attended by a number of prominent figures such as the president of New Development Bank, Dilma Rousseff, and Minister of Small Business Development of South Africa, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams.

In his remarks, the Chinese Vice President conveyed a message from the President of China, Xi Jinping.

He said that digital technology has changed the lives of many people and expressed the hope that the expo would become a forum for discussion, exchange of information, and a platform for connecting with each other.

The expo is showcasing many digital innovations from a number of countries and international technology companies, ranging from robots to artificial intelligence that can be applied in everyday life.

Translator: Heppy Ratna Sari, Cindy Frishanti Octavia
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