Eid al-Fitr builds spirit of sharing: Muhammadiyah

Eid al-Fitr builds spirit of sharing: Muhammadiyah

Muslims attend Eid Prayer 1443 Hijri at the Temanggung Regional Secretariat, Monday (5/2/2022). (ANTARA/Heru Suyitno)

Temanggung, C Java (ANTARA) - Eid al-Fitr offers momentum to build a spirit of sharing and the right time to distribute zakat, infaq, and alms to people experiencing pandemic-triggered economic difficulties, Regional Head of Muhammadiyah, Temanggung, Fuad Nur Idris stated.

"COVID-19 has surprised us, adding new poverty numbers due to layoffs, while business bankruptcies have also swelled in number," Idris noted in Temanggung, Central Java, Monday.

The Muhammadiyah regional head conveyed this while delivering a sermon for the Eid al-Fitr 1443 Hijriah prayer at the Regional Secretariat office in Temanggung District that was organized by the Committee for Islamic Holidays of Muhammadiyah Temanggung.

The Eid prayer at the Temanggung Regional Secretariat was attended by thousands of Muslims, both the Temanggung community and also travelers, who came from several areas based on the vehicles they used to visit the location of the Eid prayer.

Idris noted that several people were unable to earn a living to meet their daily needs owing to the pandemic. Hence, rich people should provide assistance to them as a form of solidarity with others.

"The reduced number of jobs has made it difficult for some people. Hence, Muslims, who have sufficient wealth, should be able to lighten their burden by giving and through charity," he affirmed.

Idris stated that happiness was derived when he was able to share it with others. Various studies conducted by psychologists confirm that sharing with others will give a person a sense of happiness.

Idris, concurrently the head of the Tlogomulyo District Affairs & Religion Office, stated that someone who has learned the wisdom of Eid will do everything right and well.

In addition, he noted that a person thinking positively will find beauty and create art. Meanwhile, good things will give birth to the ethics and truth that he seeks.

"He will show forgiveness and spread kindness to anyone, including those who have done wrong," he stated.
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