Seongnam, South Korea--(ANTARA/Business Wire)- Storm Games (CEO: Jung Man-su) announced on the 3rd that it will hold an airdrop as a pre-event before the launch of Four Gods on WEMIX.

Four Gods on WEMIX is a blockchain-based Play and Earn (P&E) game that implements a fantasy world of a vast scale set against the backdrop of the Oriental medieval era. With the NFT system applied, the game items, such as equipment and weapons, can be traded among users. In addition, the game was designed for users to generate profit by exchanging Red Gems obtained from the gameplay with LUX tokens.

Red Gem was configured and implemented for use in various content, such as exchange, production, stores, and sockets, to increase the value of the LUX token.

The biggest feature of Four Gods on WEMIX is that players can plunder Red Gems from their opponents through PK among characters.

The pre-registration of Four Gods on WEMIX opened on April 5. Users participating in the pre-registration will receive various benefits (

Several airdrops are also being held during the pre-registration period. The newly unveiled mission-type airdrop is of the largest scale so far to pay out a total of 1,000,000 LUX tokens. As users can win high mission points just by inviting friends, this event is expected to draw the attention of global users.

From May 9 to 18, Departed tickets (NFT) to freely use Tower of the Departed, a hunting ground to obtain Red Gems, will be sold on WEMIX Auction (

“We are dedicating every effort to the game launch to make sure we create and provide an enjoyable game that will satisfy players around the world,” said Storm Games CEO Jung Man-su. “We invite all to receive various rewards by participating in the pre-registration and various airdrop events that are being held at the moment.”

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