Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Communication and Informatics Ministry has taken steps to mitigate the disruption in the marine cable communication systems in the Merauke-Timika region by providing backup communication access.

Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G.Plate, here on Tuesday, informed that in anticipation of the problem, three backup accesses had been prepared by state-owned telecommunications company PT Telkom Indonesia.

"Telkom and the Communication and Informatics Ministry have prepared alternative networks to be utilized during the repairing process. Currently, the network used comes from Backup Link of 3.25 GB, then 1.25 GB from Palapa Ring, and from the satellites by 2GB. These networks are currently available to serve the priority needs of telecommunications," Plate said.

Regarding Internet access, he said, there might be some priority adjustments that will be made, such as the use of ASTINet services or Telkom's flagship program, which has extensive access to public facilities.

Meanwhile, the proper distribution is still being prepared to meet the needs of the community in communicating through individual Internet networks such as IndiHome and Telkomsel, Plate pointed out.

In addition to providing Internet access by dividing priorities, the ministry is working to ensure that telephone communication services or voice networks can still be fully utilized by people living in eastern Indonesia.

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The availability of voice telecommunication networks has also been guaranteed by PT Telkom Indonesia as the fiber optic cable provider for the Merauke-Timika regions.

"Since the information regarding the disruption, we continue to monitor and coordinate with related operators, in this case, Telkom and Telkomsel," director general of post and information technology resources and equipment at the ministry, Ismail, added.

Regarding voice services, Ismail said, the ministry is seeking to ensure that Telkom can facilitate it 100 percent.

"In our Telecommunication Monitoring Center (PMT), we monitor so that the communication to and from Papua can be served (by the voice service)," he added.

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