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Indonesia-Japan relations vital to face global challenges: Ambassador

Indonesia-Japan relations vital to face global challenges: Ambassador

Ambassador of Japan to Indonesia Kenji Kanasugi during ANTARA's International Corner interview in Jakarta on Wednesday (May 11, 2022). ANTARA/Bayu Prasetyo.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Relations between Indonesia and Japan that have been broadened beyond economic relationships will be essential to face common global challenges, Ambassador of Japan to Indonesia Kenji Kanasugi stated.

"We have deepened and broadened our relationship more to political and security cooperation that we need to face common international challenges," Kanasugi told ANTARA during the International Corner interview here on Wednesday.

The ambassador then commended the strategic Indonesia-Japan cooperation in various sectors as beneficial for the progress of both countries.

"Indonesia and Japan have established relations since 1958, and since then, we have a long-standing history of cooperation. We called each other strategic partners (that) sharing fundamental values, such as democracy (and) freedom," he remarked.

Kanasugi, assigned in Indonesia since January last year, added that an extensive relationship with Indonesia was among the reasons for Japan's unequivocal support for Indonesia's G20 presidency.

He also deemed Indonesia's G20 presidency theme "Recover Together, Recover Stronger" relevant to unite the world plagued by various conflicts and challenges.

"I think 'Recover Together, Recover Stronger' is a very timely and relevant theme because the world is more or less polarized because of the pandemic as well as the Ukrainian crisis," the ambassador remarked.

He highlighted that the tourism sector -- as a significant economic sector that both countries rely upon -- will enhance mutual understanding between residents of the two countries apart from bringing certain economic benefits.

"Indonesian people visiting and interacting with (Japanese) local communities (will) get to know each other and that creates a better future for our two countries," Kanasugi affirmed.

As the tourism industry has a significant contribution to both national economies, he expressed optimism that tourists can again tour freely between both countries after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Moreover, Kanasugi lauded the Indonesian youth that is energetic and active in society as well as the knowledge that Indonesians have about Japanese food and culture, which the ambassador found impressive. 
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