PEN realization proceeds well: Finance Ministry

PEN realization proceeds well: Finance Ministry

Fiscal Policy Agency Head at the Finance Ministry Febrio Kacaribu. (ANTARA/Sanya Dinda/FR)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Realization of the National Economic Recovery (PEN) Program budget this year is proceeding well, reaching Rp70.37 trillion, until April 28, Fiscal Policy Agency Head at the Finance Ministry Febrio Kacaribu stated.

"PEN realization until April had already proceeded well, especially within the context of its health handling," Kacaribu noted during the Ask BKF online event on Friday.

The realization of Rp70.37 trillion is 15.4 percent from the total budget ceiling for this year's PEN Program, which is Rp455.62 trillion.

In particular, the realization is optimal for the people protection sector that reached Rp49.27 trillion, or 31.8 percent from the Rp154.76-trillion ceiling.

The realization of this people protection budget comprises the Family Hope Program (PKH), with Rp14.15 trillion for 10 million Beneficiary Families (KPM) and Basic Necessities Card, Rp18.8 trillion, for 18.8 million KPM.

In addition, the Cooking Oil Cash Transfer (BLT) of Rp5.8 trillion for 19.3 million KPM and Village BLT of Rp7.47 trillion for 6.13 million families; Cash Assistance Program for Street Vendors and Small Shop (BT-PKLW), Rp1.7 trillion, with the target of 1.76 million PKLW; and fishermen as well as Pre-employment card, Rp1.4 trillion.

"People protection proceeds as scheduled," Kacaribu remarked.

In addition to people protection, the PEN Program's realization that is also quite optimal encompasses the strengthening of economic recovery, which was Rp9.22 trillion, or 5.2 percent, from the Rp178.32-trillion ceiling.

The realization of this economic recovery strengthening comprises tourism program, Rp0.19 trillion, and ICT, Rp0.44 trillion.

Moreover, the support of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the form of interest subsidy and IJP reaches Rp8.02 trillion as well as taxation incentive, Rp0.5 trillion.

Lastly, realization for the health sector reached Rp11.87 trillion, or 9.7 percent, from the Rp122.54-trillion ceiling.

The health sector realization was directed toward patient claim payment reaching Rp8.1 trillion; health workers' incentive, Rp1.6 trillion; vaccine and health equipment taxation incentive, Rp1 trillion; and Village Fund for COVID-19 handling, Rp1.1 trillion.

"We make sure that we can run the incentives that we have already confirmed well," Kacaribu stated. 

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