Jakarta (ANTARA) - Some 5,750 police officers were deployed to guard a labor rally in Central Jakarta on Saturday and the Indonesian Parliament (DPR) Building.

Head of the Central Jakarta Police Senior Commissioner Komarudin stated that the personnel were distributed to two locations, specifically the Patung Kuda square area and the DPR Building area.

"Currently, we deploy 5,750 personnel. We segregated them at two points as a precautionary measure," Komarudin remarked.

The 5,750 personnel would oversee those keen to voice their opinions, he added.

"Hence, currently, our activity is to oversee the delivery of opinions in public at two locations, specifically at the DPR and the Patung Kuda area," he remarked.

Moreover, several personnel, both those involved in open and closed security, were deployed to conduct surveillance to curtail groups that might be indicated of causing riots.

"Currently, we have deployed personnel both openly and in disguise to monitor (the rally). We have coordinated with the surrounding police stations, such as the West Jakarta, North Jakarta, East and South Jakarta police stations, as well as the police stations in the Tangerang agglomeration area," he remarked.

Laborers started to arrive at the Patung Kuda area at 12:30 local time.

Komarudin said he was unaware of the exact number of participants in the rally held to commemorate World Labor Day, as people were still arriving when the Central Jakarta Police chief was giving a statement.

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