Raja Ampat, West Papua (ANTARA) - Bank Indonesia (BI) has supported the development of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and ecotourism in Raja Ampat District, West Papua.

By providing facilities and infrastructure assistance to managers of the Mankobon Creative Center and the Mbilin Kayam Dance Group, BI aims to push the green economic sector.

Deputy Governor of BI Dody Budi Waluyo stated in Raja Ampat on Saturday that the assistance was an implementation of strategic contributions in encouraging the economic sector and supporting MSMEs and ecotourism based on the green economy.

"I invite the citizens of Saporkren, Raja Ampat, to preserve the culture (to prevent it from) disappearing or becoming extinct. Culture can bring income to the community through cultural creations, especially in tourist areas, such as Raja Ampat District," Waluyo explained.

The assisted communities underwent a coaching and mentoring process from the Representative Office of BI in West Papua Province through the Bank Indonesia Social Program (PSBI), Waluyo remarked.

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According to Waluyo, Raja Ampat tourism is popular for its charm not only in the country but also in foreign nations.

He noted that the natural beauty of Raja Ampat, replete with its strong cultural elements and customs, will add value to improve the local economy.

Waluyo views BI's support for the Mankobon Creative Center as an effort to maintain and preserve the Papuan culture through the creation of traditional music arts in Saporkren Village of Raja Ampat.

Meanwhile, Raja Ampat District Head, H. Abdul Faris Umlati, remarked that the Monkobon Creative Center was established in 2018.

The creative cultural group chose to focus not only on traditional music but also on dance arts and various handicrafts, Umlati remarked.

"We hope this creative house would be optimized in order to preserve the original culture of the region and would be a platform to develop Papuan cultural arts," Umlati noted.
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