Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta (ANTARA) - Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini visited Mawar Tri Eka Putri, a six-year-old resident of Gadungsari, Wonosari village, Gunung Kidul district, who is suffering from a liver anomaly and slow growth.

Minister Rismaharini met Putri at her home and handed over a donation of around Rp30 million collected by a website. She also brought a doctor’s playset and played with Putri for a short while.

“First of all, I would like to say thank you to the good people out there who have donated for Putri,” the minister remarked in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, on Saturday.

She said that her administration has been keeping up with information about Putri via social media platforms. The Social Affairs Ministry worked with a website that specializes in organizing donations to assist Putri significantly since if the ministry worked alone, the assistance would not be as much.

“For Putri’s therapy, we offer treatment in (Suharso) Solo because it also provides speech therapy, walk therapy, and treatment for liver and heart, and it is closer to a large hospital. Her parents have agreed,” the minister informed.

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She said that the treatment would take place at Suharso Hall because it would be easier to monitor the development, and the schedule was clear and routine. “All expenses will be paid by the Social Affairs Ministry,” she added.

Putri’s parents, Deni Bramasto and Umi Rokhyatun, said that Putri was born with microcephaly or a very small head.

When Putri was 3.5 years old, her heart started to leak, and in the next three months, leakage was also detected in her liver.

“Until now, Putri must be taken to Dr. Sardjito Hospital in Yogyakarta to undergo physiotherapy, speech therapy, and to treat the leaking liver, every two weeks,” Bramasto said.

The head of Gunung Kidul district, Sunaryanta, once offered a job to Bramasto, but Rismaharini encouraged Bramasto to become an entrepreneur, since according to her experience, it generates more money.

“We offered a job to Putri’s parent, Bramasto, to work in district administrative part, or a business owned by the district government, or for our colleagues,” he said.

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