Jakarta (ANTARA) - The state (APBN), regional (APBD), and state-owned enterprises' (SOEs') budgets, which are sourced from the public's pocket should not be spent on importing products, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has said.

"As what I said in Bali, because APBN, APBD, and SOEs' budget is (sourced) from people's money, we should not spend them on imported goods. It is a big mistake for us to do that," the President said in his directive and evaluation of the “Proud of Indonesian-Made Products Affirmation Action” at the Jakarta Convention Center on Tuesday.

The state budget has so far reached Rp2,714 trillion, APBD Rp1,197.2 trillion, and the total will be more if the SOEs' budget is added, he noted.

Given the considerable budget, its use must be optimal to achieve development and welfare targets, he said.

"Our state budget, our APBD, the budget in SOEs must be really 'held tightly' so that its use can be focused on the points we are aiming for. Our state budget is Rp2,714 trillion, APBD is Rp1,197.2 trillion, plus SOEs'," he explained.

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Therefore, he asked all ministries/institutions and officials from local governments to adopt the same ideals about the importance of spending on local products instead of imported ones.

He also emphasized the current uncertainty in global economic conditions due to the war in Ukraine. The uncertainty is affecting all countries, including Indonesia, he stated.

"We all must have the same feeling, how it is not easy, the situation is not easy," he remarked.

He also highlighted two major issues, namely energy prices and food supplies. Indonesia is continuing to strive to keep their prices from soaring, he informed.

"The increase (in fuel prices) is very high in other countries. In Singapore, it is Rp32,400 per liter, Germany at Rp31,800 per liter, Thailand at Rp20 thousand per liter, while we (Indonesia) is still Rp7,650 for Pertalite, Rp12,500 for Pertamax," the President pointed out.

The government's effort to keep energy and food prices from increasing has involved providing subsidies through the state budget, he said.

"But these subsidies will grow; until when can we withstand this? This is our work together, so I ask the ministries/institutions and local governments to have the same sense," he added.

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