- TCK42xG Series supports external back-to-back MOSFETs –

Kawasaki, Japan--(ANTARA/Business Wire)- Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has added five products to its lineup of MOSFET gate driver ICs in the TCK42xG Series for mobile devices such as wearables. The new products in the series are equipped with an overvoltage lockout function and control the gate voltage of an external MOSFET according to the input voltage.

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The new products are: “TCK420G” for 24V power lines; “TCK422G” and “TCK423G” for 12V power lines; “TCK424G” for 9V power lines; and “TCK425G” for 5V power lines. Along with the already launched “TCK421G” for 20V power lines, they are available now.

With this addition, TCK42xG series now allow users to select a gate-source voltage from two types, 10V and 5.6V, offering coverage of more MOSFETs. In addition, the lineup of the different detection voltages for the input overvoltage lockout function allows the products to be used for power lines from 5V to 24V. When combined with an external back-to-back MOSFET, they are also suitable for configuring a load switch circuit (Fig.1) or a power multiplexer circuit (Fig.2) with a reverse current blocking function. Furthermore, with their built-in charge pump circuit supporting a wide range of input voltages, from 2.7V to 28V, they provide stable voltage between the gate and source of an external back-to-back MOSFET with intermittent operation. This allows large currents to be switched.

Housed in a WCSP6G[1] package, one of the smallest in the industry[2], the TCK42xG series realizes high density mounting for small devices, such as wearables and smartphones, helping to reduce their footprint.

Toshiba has also developed “Power multiplexer circuit” Reference Design, a reference design example for a power multiplexer that utilizes the functions of TCK42xG. It is available on Toshiba’s website from today.

Notes :
[1] A 1.2mm x 0.8mm chip scale package
[2] Among MOSFET gate driver ICs, Toshiba survey as of June 2022.


 • Wearables
 • Smartphones
 • Notebook PC, tablets
 • Storage equipment, etc.


 • Gate-source voltage setting (5.6V, 10V) depending on input voltage with a built-in charge pump circuit
 • Over voltage lock out supports 5V to 24V
 • Low input OFF current: IQ (OFF) = 0.5μA (max) @VIN=5V

Main Specifications
  (Unless otherwise specified, T a=25°C)
Part number TCK420G
[3] TCK422G
Package Name WCSP6G
 Size (mm) 1.2×0.8 (typ.), t=0.35 (max)
ranges Input operation voltage
VIN_opr (V) @Ta= -40
to 85°C 2.7 - 28
Electrical characteristics VIN UVLO threshold, VOUT falling
typ./max (V) @Ta= -40
to 85°C 2.0/2.5
 VIN OVLO threshold,
VOUT falling
min/max (V) @Ta= -40
to 85°C 26.50
/28.50 22.34
/24.05 13.61
/14.91 10.35
/11.47 5.76
 Standby current
(OFF state)
IQ(OFF) max (μA) @VIN=5V, Ta= -40
to 85°C 0.5
 GATE Drive voltage
VGS typ. (V) @VIN=
12V/20V 10/10 10/10 10/- 5.6/- -/- -/-
 GATE Drive voltage
VGS typ. (V) @VIN=
5V/9V 10/10 10/10 10/10 5.6/5.6 5.6/5.6 5.6/-
 VGS ON time
tON typ. (ms) @VIN=5V,
4000pF 2.9
 VGS OFF time
tOFF typ. (μs) @VIN=5V,
4000pF 52 23
VGS turn OFF time
tOVP typ. (μs) @CGATE1,2=
4000pF 31 34 41 16 18 19
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[3] Already released product

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