… there will be FMD task forces down to the sub-district and village levels.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - An official from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has confirmed that the authorities will set up foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) task forces as the disease has spread to several regions in Indonesia.

"We will enforce FMD handling measures up to the micro-scale, akin to the (COVID-19-related) public activities restriction enforcement (PPKM); hence, there will be FMD task forces down to the sub-district and village levels," the coordinating ministry's secretary, Susiwijomo Moegiarso, said at the Global Crisis Response Group’s (GCRG’s) media briefing here on Friday.

He informed that the virus has spread to 18 provinces and 163 cities and districts nationwide.

The foot-and-mouth disease is highly infectious and is caused by a virus that targets cloven-hoofed animals. Despite the disease spreading easily through direct contact or air, it is not transmittable to humans.

The first batch of FMD cases was reported from East Java's Gresik, Sidoarjo, Lamongan, and Mojokerto Districts on May 5, 2022, the official noted. The second batch of FMD cases was reported from Aceh Tamiang District, Aceh, he added.

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FMD could potentially affect the national economy as restrictions that might be enforced against cattle exported from Indonesia could create a domino effect on other economic sectors, he opined.

"We will be serious in handling (this issue), as well as other priority issues that we need to handle," Moegiarso said.

Besides setting up an FMD task force, the authority will also set aside a portion of the National Economic Recovery (PEN) fund for FMD handling, the secretary added.

He expressed the hope that government efforts will help address various domestic issues in the food sector that could possibly affect public needs.

As Indonesia is expected to contribute to addressing global issues triggered by the Russia-Ukraine conflict in terms of the food distribution, energy, and financial aspects, the authority will first focus on resolving domestic issues, he added.

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