This fish assistance is certainly very useful, and we will distribute it to the people from the middle to lower class
Batam, Riau Islands (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) distributed 4.7 tons of fish to residents in Batam, Riau Islands, in a bid to support efforts to reduce stunting in the local area.

"We distribute a total of 4.7 tons of mackerel and gold pomfret to Batam's residents today," Director-General of Marine and Fishery Resources Supervision of the ministry Rear Admiral Adin Nurawaluddin stated in Batam, Saturday.

Nurawaluddin remarked that the fish distributed to Batam's residents was the result of supervision conducted by his side on fishery import activities.

During the supervision, the ministry found fishery import activities that flouted the existing rules and mechanism. The KKP Ministry then confiscated the one ton of fish to be handed over to the community in the Navy-assisted villages in the Batam City area, while the remaining 3.7 tons were handed over to the Batam city government to also be distributed to the poor, Nurawaluddin stated.

Meanwhile, Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi remarked that the fish assistance provided by the KKP for Batam's residents aligned with the Batam City Government's program to reduce the number of cases of stunting.

"One of the causes of stunting in children is malnutrition. Hence, we really laud this assistance by the ministry," Rudi noted.

The minister later highlighted that fish was rich in nutrients that can help to provide nutrition, especially to pregnant women and children, to prevent stunting.

"This fish assistance is certainly very useful, and we will distribute it to the people from the middle to lower class," he stated.

The fish assistance was distributed directly by the Batam city government in Nongsa District and Batam City District.

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