Maros, South Sulawesi (ANTARA) - The Maros District Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), South Sulawesi, has prepared an evacuation site for victims of the whirlwind that struck the area on Thursday afternoon (June 16, 2022).

"Since last night, the Maros BPBD's quick response team has come down to (the whirlwind site) to provide logistical assistance and goods for residents' needs, including to prepare for evacuation until now," head of Maros BPBD Fadli informed here on Friday.

Based on data from the Maros BPBD, 63 houses suffered light to severe damage due to the whirlwind. The affected homes were located in Borikamase village, Lekoala; Mangallekana neighborhood, Baji Pamai village; and Betang neighborhood, Baju Bodo village, Maros Baru sub-district.

The disaster also claimed one life. Daeng Rani (60), who had a history of heart disease, reportedly died of shock when the tornado struck, according to data from Maros BPBD.

Meanwhile, Maros district head, H.A.S. Chaidir Syam, met with the residents affected by the disaster on Thursday night to lend moral support.

Syam also instructed the Maros Social Office and BPBD to immediately distribute logistical assistance and other necessities, such as mats and sarongs.

In addition, he asked that data on the level of damage suffered by residents' homes be collected in order to ease the distribution of assistance for the rehabilitation of the homes.

Meanwhile, a resident of Betang, Mariam, said her family home lost a zinc roof and walls due to the whirlwind.

"The furniture in the house was also damaged because it was crushed by wooden blocks from the stilt house," she added.

She said that as of Friday afternoon, she had to sleep and rest in her yard on a mat provided by the Maros BPBD.

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