Manokwari, West Papua (ANTARA) - Youth and Sports Ministry has called on participants at the Youth Twenty (Y20) meeting to take action based on clear framework in order to address social inequality.

"Focus on the (development of) capacity and quality of human resources among younger generation is an effective way to achieve (goals) in social development," the ministry's Deputy for Youth Awards Wisler Manalu said here on Sunday.

He commended the theme of 'Diversity and Inclusion' at the Y20 event in Manokwari that became the focus of discussion by participants during the three-day event from June 18 to 20, 2022.

The Y20 is the official youth engagement group for the G20. The forum brings together young leaders from across the globe, to discuss and debate global challenges and agree policy recommendations they would like to see G20 leaders take forward.

The event in Manokwari was attended by 54 national delegates from various regions in Indonesia, and 17 international delegates from member countries of the G20 Summit.

According to Manalu, the theme of 'diversity and inclusion' was first raised at the Y20 meeting.

"We hope to receive recommendations from you to improve the quality of life of young people," he said.

He added that the Y20 meeting was a good platform for young people to answer, negotiate and provide solutions to produce an agreement on diversity and inclusion at the 2022 Y20 Indonesia Summit in Jakarta and Bandung.

The resulting recommendations would be issued to the Y20 Indonesia Summit 2022 in Jakarta and Bandung, then would be brought to the G20 Summit in November in Bali.

Regional Secretary in West Papua Nathaniel Mandacan expressed his gratitude for the Indonesian government's trust in West Papua to host the Y20 event.

"Through the momentum of the Y20 event in Manokwari, it is expected to give major impact on the progress of youth to rise up and excel nationally and globally," he said.

The event could also contribute to the world apart from becoming platform for collaboration of innovative and creative thinking among Indonesian youth,

"Youth are future leaders, therefore the (greatness) of a nation lies in youth who are intelligent, superior, creative, innovative, and visionary," he said.

He expected that while in Manokwari the youth could be inspired to formulate wise ideas and thoughts for global and national development.

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