Manokwari, West Papua (ANTARA) - The Youth 20 (Y20) delegates arriving at Rendani Airport, Manokwari, West Papua, on Friday, June 17, were welcomed with a local ritual called "injak piring,” or step on a plate.

Regional Secretary of West Papua Nataniel Mandacan directly welcomed the delegates at the airport. From the airport, the delegates then headed to Aston Niu Hotel Manokwari, which is also one of the event locations.

According to its official website, Y20 is a forum for future young leaders from G20 member countries to discuss and exchange ideas regarding the agenda of the G20 Presidency. The forum also aims to make Earth a more livable and sustainable planet in future.

G20 is an international forum comprising 19 countries and the European Union that work together to handle major issues. Indonesia is holding the presidency of the grouping this year.

Chairman of the Y20 West Papua Local Committee for implementation, Melkias Werinussa stated here that the total attendees at the Y20 meeting in Manokwari, held on June 17-19, comprised 54 national participants from Indonesia and 20 delegates from abroad.

"Only 54 people from the national level are present because two people failed to attend. Meanwhile, 20 people from the international level attend, including delegates from the World Bank," he explained.

The delegates are attending the Y20 Pre Summit IV side event to hold dialogue, conduct negotiation, and propose solutions to pressing issues in the world.

"The main result of the implementation of Y20 is to produce policy recommendations from the youth of member countries at the G20 Summit," he further explained.

At the Y20 event, the delegates will also be edified about international diplomacy at the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) scheduled at the Taruna Kasuari High School, Manokwari.
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