Jakarta (ANTARA) - Nine of the 32 dams being developed by the government will be completed in 2022, director general of water resources at the Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry, Jarot Widyoko, has informed.

During a hearing with Commission V of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) here on Monday, he said that the dams that would be completed in 2022 include the Ciawi, Sukamahi, and Sadawarna dams (West Java province), as well as Semantok Dam (East Java province).

In addition, work on Margatiga Dam (Lampung province), Lolak Dam (North Sulawesi province), Kuwil Kawangkoan Dam (North Sulawesi province), Tamblang Dam (Bali province), and Beringin Sila Dam (West Nusa Tenggara/NTB province) is almost complete.

Meanwhile, the remaining 23 dams, which may not be completed this year since they are still under construction, include Keuruto and Rukoh dams (Aceh province), Lau Simeme Dam (North Sumatra province), Tiga Dihaji Dam (South Sumatra province), Karian Dam (Banten province), as well as Leuwikeris and Cipanas dams (West Java province).

Further, the dams under development include Jragung, Jlantah, Bener, and Pidekso dams (Central Java province), Bagong Dam (East Java province), Sidan Dam (Bali province), as well as Meninting and Tiu Suntuk dams (NTB province).

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In addition, Temef and Manikin dams (East Nusa Tenggara/NTT province), Sepaku Semoi Dam (East Kalimantan province), Bolangu Ulu Dam (Gorontalo province), Budong-Budong and Ameroro dams (Southeast Sulawesi province), Pamukkulu Dam (South Sulawesi province), as well as Way Apu Dam (Maluku province) are still under construction.

The director general said that in 2022, his office is targeting to complete other infrastructure projects -- such as 47,119 irrigation areas, 153,333 hectares of irrigation network rehabilitation areas, and 28 retention basins -- and provide raw water at a capacity of 3.48 cubic meters (m3) per second.

He also said that the realization of the directorate general’s budget reached 35.09 percent or around Rp14.9 trillion (US$991.3 million) of the total ceiling of Rp42.69 trillion (US$2.84 billion) as of the end of June 2022.

Meanwhile, the realization of the physical infrastructure development was 38.38 percent.

Furthermore, regarding the labor-intensive programs in 2022, Rp1.93 trillion (US$128.4 million) was realized out of the total ceiling of Rp4.81 trillion (US$320 million), or about 40.12 percent, and helped absorb 164 thousand workers.

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Translator: Asri Sari, Uyu Liman
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