Jakarta (ANTARA) - GoFood has become the most widely used online food delivery (OFD) application by consumers, according to a JAKPAT survey.

The on-demand service from PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO) has been found consistently superior in terms of various factors other than pricing, such as popularity, ease of payment, and speed of delivery.

GoFood’s leading position as the most popular and most widely used OFD app has been stated in the JAKPAT Survey Report entitled The Habit of Online Food Delivery (OFD).

Data for the research survey was collected on May 25 and 26, 2022, from 1,624 respondents in big cities through questionnaires via the JAKPAT application. The research margin of error was below 3 percent.

According to the results of the research, GoFood has become the market leader in online food delivery services, with as many as 61 percent of respondents using applications in the GOTO ecosystem in the last three months.

Meanwhile, 55 percent used ShopeeFood, followed by GrabFood (43 percent) and TravelokaEats (7 percent).

In general, GoFood’s OFD service was most frequently chosen by consumers (39 percent), followed by ShopeeFood (38 percent), GrabFood (22 percent), and TravelokaEats (1 percent).

There were several reasons why GoFood was used most often by the respondents. First, it offered lots of discounts and promotions (76 percent). Second, the respondents were familiar with the app (55 percent). The ease of available payment methods (47 percent) was the third reason.

Other factors were the number of restaurants and menu choices (40 percent), app ratings (36 percent), delivery speed (35 percent), and the application’s attractiveness and ease of use (31 percent).

However, GoFood did not actually offer the most discounts and promos. Respondents participating in the research chose ShopeeFood as the OFD app offering the most discounts and promotions (89 percent), followed by GrabFood (81 percent), GoFood (76 percent), and TravelokaEats (60 percent).

"According to our research, price sensitivity is indeed one of the strong variables influencing consumer decisions. But it turns out that it cannot and is not the only determining variable," JAKPAT's content research lead, Fransisca Satya Chrisprastika, said on Wednesday.

The results of the research show that price determination does not work alone, Chrisprastika, also known as Tika, added.

"But it is also about the user experience. GoFood has the advantage that the timeline appears the earliest, so many consumers already feel steady, get used to and (become) comfortable with the user interface, services, and others," she explained.

Here, the price is not just the price of the food or drink, but also comprehensively covers the cost of postage and delivery speed, because the combination of all of them makes up a single price unit, she said.

OFD services, in general, will continue to develop as people get habituated to online activities, especially because this has been triggered by the pandemic situation, she projected. This will prompt the business development of OFD service players, especially GoFood as the market leader, so that it will have a positive impact on the GOTO ecosystem.

Moreover, the majority of GoFood consumers participating in JAKPAT's research were employees (57 percent) compared to students (46 percent). This illustrates their purchasing power ability on an ongoing basis.

Recently, Tenggara Strategics, which released a research report entitled Survey of Perceptions and Consumption Behavior of Online Food Delivery in Indonesia, also reported that GoFood had the largest transaction value and the app was the most downloaded by consumers. At least 76 percent of the survey’s 1,200 respondents had downloaded the app.

Of the estimated transaction value or gross merchandise value (GMV) of national OFD services of Rp78.4 trillion in 2021, GoFood accounted for Rp30.65 trillion or equivalent to 39 percent—the highest compared to other OFD services.

Economic research lead of Tenggara Strategics, Stella Kusumawardhani, said that in the many aspects that can influence consumer decisions to use OFD services, GoFood excels in many ways.

"Indeed, GoFood's dominance is quite large. An example of this is the awareness that the gap is far from ShopeeFood and GrabFood," she said.

Not to mention the number of transactions, downloads, and several other factors. "From 12 aspects, GoFood wins in 10 of them. So, it is really dominant," she added.

Based on the research results, Kusumawardhani said that price has had a very big influence on consumers choosing the service. Even so, a price advantage is not enough to win the competition in this industry.

"Right. So, the price is one of the considerations of consumers," she remarked.

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