Buleleng, Bali (ANTARA) - Bali Governor I Wayan Koster laid the first stone for the construction of a 115-meter telecommunication tower called Turyapada Tower KBS 6.0 Kerthi Bali in Buleleng district on Saturday.

“The Turyapada Tower KBS 6.0 Kerthi Bali will have a height of 115 meters, (and will be) built at an altitude of 1,521 meters from sea level, bringing the total height of the tower to 1,636 meters," Koster informed in Amerta Sari Customary Village, Sukasada sub-district, Buleleng.

The top part of Turyapada Tower will serve as a transmitter for digital TV broadcasts, cellular telecommunications, Internet, and local radio communications.

The tower’s body will contain a planetarium, skywalk, rotating restaurant, and glass bridge, while the tower's pedestal will support conventional tourism by housing an educational laboratory and a museum of communications, which will display technology from each era of civilization.

Koster said that the tower, which is being built with a budget of Rp418 billion, will not be inferior to world-famous towers such as Eiffel Tower, Tokyo Tower, Toronto Tower (CN Tower), Macau Tower, and Fernsehturm Tower.

"Turyapada Tower is (located) in the hills (surrounded by) villages, different to other towers, which are in the city center," Koster said.

The tower is targeted to be able to stand for at least 500 years and withstand winds and earthquakes, he informed.

Turyapada Tower was initiated by Governor Koster as a political promise to the people of Buleleng, who often face limited television broadcast coverage.

Koster said he, therefore, decided to build the tower in the integrated Bali Smarts Communication Technology Park.

Turyapada Tower will support digital TV broadcasts in 80 percent of the Buleleng, Jembrana, and Karangasem areas.

The tower is being constructed by PT Hutama Karya with PT Yodya Karya, and is targeted to reach its final stage in August 2023.

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