Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Villages, Disadvantaged Areas, and Transmigration Ministry has urged coastal villages to innovate and develop mangrove crab cultivation considering its huge economic potential for locals.

"Mangrove crab is one type of fishery commodity that has the potential to be cultivated," coordinator for appropriate technology at the ministry's Village Competitiveness Development Center, Sumarwoto, said at a webinar on “Appropriate Technology of Crab Ball Increase Mangrove Crab Production,” which was accessed from here on Monday.

In 2020, the value of global demand for crabs reached US$5.4 billion, while Indonesia's crab exports only reached US$367.5 million, or 6.8 percent of the demand, he pointed out.

"In 2021, the export value of mangrove crabs has increased, this shows that the crab market is still open and growing," he said.

In Indonesia, there are two types of crabs that have commercial value, mangrove crabs and rajungan, or Portunus pelagicus, he added.

There are four species of mangrove crabs across the world, he said.

"These four species of mangrove crabs are found in Indonesia, which are red mangrove crabs, green mangrove crabs, purple mangrove crabs, and white mangrove crabs," he added.

Mangrove crabs are found in brackish waters where lots of mangrove plants grow, he informed.

"Mangrove crab is very much favored by the public considering its delicious taste with its nutrition that is (at the same level) with other crustaceans, such as shrimps," he said.

However, the cultivation technique using "crab ball" technology has not been used much, he added.

Head of the ministry's Information and Development Agency, Ivanovich Agusta, also asked village assistants and activists in coastal areas to utilize the appropriate crab ball technology to increase mangrove crab production.

"Mangrove crab is one type of potential commodity. There are more than 10 thousand villages that have coasts throughout Indonesia, out of 74,961 villages," Agusta said.

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