Batu, East Java (ANTARA) - Some 119 climbers prepared to conduct a ceremony commemorating the 77th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence atop Mount Arjuno located on the border of Batu City, Malang, and Pasuruan, East Java.

The climbers departed from the Cangar Hot Spring in Batu City to conduct the Independence Day ceremony atop Mt. Arjuno that stands 3,339 meters above sea level.

"Some 119 climbers are dispatched from Sumber Brantas. Tomorrow, a ceremony will be held at the top of Mount Arjuno," Head of the Raden Soerjo Forest Park, Ahmad Wahyudi, revealed in Batu City, Tuesday.

Wahyudi explained that the climbers, who are members of the East Java Expedition Team 77, comprised members of the nature admirers community, Raden Soerjo Forest Park volunteers, Saka Wanabakti Scouts, East Java Provincial Forestry Office, students of Surabaya State University, and women climbers' community Perempuan Pendaki.

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"About seven components are participating in this activity," he said.

On Tuesday, the East Java Expedition Team 77 departed from Sumber Brantas in Bumiaji Sub-district, Batu City, and would spend the night at Kotak Field, Mount Arjuno.

"All have departed through Sumber Brantas. Tonight, they will rest at Kotak Field, and tomorrow at 5 a.m. local time, they will scale to the top," Wahyudi revealed.

The climbers will continue their journey to the mountain's summit the next day, August 17, 2022.

After scaling to the top, they would conduct the Independence Day ceremony and raise 77 Red and White Flags.

"This expedition is the first (of its kind to hold a) ceremony at the top of Mt. Arjuno since the COVID-19 (pandemic)," Wahyudi affirmed.

He noted that the team also planted 77 seedlings of mountain cypress trees in the Sumber Brantas area.

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