Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Vice President Ma'ruf Amin has outlined three steps that can be taken to develop Sharia Tapera (Public Housing Savings).

“First, Sharia Tapera should be offered proactively. Sharia Tapera should be socialized massively to the wider community, including at the level of civil servants, state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and local governments," he said while launching Sharia Public Housing Savings (Tapera) online from Jakarta on Tuesday.

The benefits of Sharia Tapera’s services and advantages must be conveyed to prospective participants, he added.

The second step is to expand the scope of participation, wherein the inclusive and universal Tapera Syariah scheme is enjoyed by all parties.

According to Amin, the wider the Sharia Tapera participation, the higher will be the level of Islamic financial inclusion.

"This is where the importance of increasing literacy about the scheme of Sharia Tapera to the public (comes in),” he explained.

The calculation of Sharia Tapera which is more profitable than conventional schemes, good services and the building of trust will attract consumers, he said.

The third step is for Sharia Tapera to maintain its commitment to managing housing savings funds with sharia principles that prioritize the principles of mutual cooperation, justice, transparency, security, and halal (allowed under Sharia law), Amin said.

"In addition, housing financing with a sharia-based supply chain approach can be increased to encourage the development of businesses involved in the supply chain of housing development. It is believed that various sharia economic activities in residential areas will also grow," the Vice President added.

He then asked the commissioner, deputy commissioner, and advisor to the commissioner for housing and Sharia housing financing to carry out their duties and functions with full responsibility.

"All levels of Sharia Tapera managers must ensure that the deployment and utilization of Sharia Tapera Funds is carried out in accordance with sharia provisions and principles to maintain the trust of participants in particular and the community in general," the Vice President said.

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Translator: Rangga P, Azis Kurmala
Editor: Sri Haryati
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