Congestion, pollution, economic development - the challenges are the same. We share with each other as a sister city
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Jakarta-owned bus service TransJakarta is exploring cooperation in the development of environmentally friendly transportation with the government of Los Angeles city, the United States.

"We are exploring what we can do. What is certain is that we want (to achieve) zero emissions," TransJakarta President Director M. Yana Aditya said here on Monday.

The cooperation was discussed during a meeting between TransJakarta officials and the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Michael Garcetti, on Monday, one day before the Urban 20 (U20) Forum, which the mayor is scheduled to attend in Jakarta.

U20 is part of the G20, or Group 20, which comprises 19 major world economies and the European Union.

During their meeting, TransJakarta officials and the Los Angeles mayor also discussed efforts to realize environmentally friendly transportation to support net-zero emissions.

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"It will be a material for us to be able to develop. The cooperation between Jakarta and Los Angeles is mainly about the development of TransJakarta," Aditya said.

Meanwhile, Garcetti said that Jakarta and Los Angeles have a sister city cooperation.

The two cities have similarities, including having nearly the same population, which is 10 million people, and having similar problems, such as traffic congestion and pollution.

"Congestion, pollution, economic development - the challenges are the same. We share with each other as a sister city," he said.

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Both cities also share the same goals, namely to achieve net-zero emissions and improve people's quality of life.

Regarding electric buses, Garcetti noted that there are about 3 thousand public transportation buses in Los Angeles, and 300 of them are powered by electricity.

He said his administration is targeting to make all buses electric-powered by 2030.

On Monday, the Los Angeles mayor also traveled around Jakarta on a TransJakarta electric bus.

The provincial government of Jakarta is targeting to roll out 100 electric-powered TransJakarta buses by the end of 2022. Currently, there are 30 electric TransJakarta buses in the province.

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Translator: Dewa Ketut, Raka Adji
Editor: Fardah Assegaf
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