Without togetherness between policymakers and the community, it will be difficult to deal with the impacts of global economic turmoil in the country
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Deputy Speaker Lestari Moerdijat laid emphasis on the importance of transparency in the distribution of social assistance to strengthen solidarity in facing the impacts of global economic turmoil in Indonesia.

"Without togetherness between policymakers and the community, it will be difficult to deal with the impacts of global economic turmoil in the country," Moerdijat noted in a written statement on Monday.

Moerdijat remarked that several sectors could potentially be affected by the increase in fuel prices. Hence, she called to continue to realize various programs for the sustainable development of human resources in Indonesia.

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Preventive measures through various social assistance programs have been planned to protect the community from the impacts of the increase in fuel prices. However, she opined that those efforts are still insufficient.

"The government and society's concern for each other must be increased, so that several of the nation's priority programs can still be conducted," she remarked.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the community must be ready to face adjustments in fuel prices caused by the global economic turmoil. The community is facing these two situations back-to-back, and this can lower their trust in policymakers.

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To this end, she called for transparency in various social assistance programs and strengthening the solidarity of the society in facing the impacts of economic turmoil. Moreover, the government is currently building the health sector after the pandemic to improve the quality of public health.

Amid adjustments in the prices of fuel, she expressed optimism that stakeholders would not overlook the fulfillment of the people's nutritional needs through several programs.

For instance, programs to improve the nutrition of children and the community in an effort to reduce the stunting rate in the country must become a cause for serious concern in a bid to create competitive children in future.

"I hope priority programs would continue to be implemented well to ensure the continuity of sustainable development of human resources," the MPR deputy speaker remarked.

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