We want to support events like this. Price at the market must be affordable for our people
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Doni Primanto Joewono urged people to start urban farming or food cultivation practices to control regional inflation.

During the inauguration of the National Movement for Food Inflation Control (GNPIP) in Riau, which was followed virtually on Monday, Joewono invited residents to plant chili in their yards.

"We also encourage the movement to plant chili in the yard. This is what we often call urban farming," he added.

He emphasized that BI would always take steps to prevent an increase in food prices and take requisite measures to control them. Currently, BI has conducted market operations in several areas, including in West Sumatra, North Sumatra, and South Sumatra.

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"We want to support events like this. Price at the market must be affordable for our people," he emphasized.

Regarding the fuel price hike, he urged local people to not harbor concerns since President Joko Widodo had instructed the regional government to use two percent of the General Transfer Fund of Rp2.17 trillion for public transportation assistance, online motorcycle taxis, and fishermen.

"Regarding the increase in fuel prices, of course, the governor will provide subsidies for transportation," Joewono remarked.

He further highlighted the strategic potential of 1,591 village-owned enterprises (BUMDes) in Riau, where approximately 200 BUMDes engaged in agriculture can be mobilized to support the optimization of chili cultivation.

He emphasized that close coordination and collaboration from all parties involved -- the village community empowerment (PMD) service as the BUMDes companion, the Agriculture Service as an expert in cultivation, the Industry and Trade Service as a market regulator, and others -- will strengthen the formation of the ecosystem.

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"Hence, we invite all parties to increase synergy in the implementation of inflation control efforts," Joewono remarked.

The inauguration of GNPIP Riau in Kampar District is a program implemented by BI along with the Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) of Riau to optimize the role of BUMDes across the province in line with ramping up efforts to control food inflation that is encouraged through the GNPIP program in various regions.

Joewono stated that the regional inflation control program optimizes the role of BUMDes, not only as a business entity but also plays a role in maintaining supply continuity as well as regulating the efficiency of the distribution chain for chili commodities.

With this program, Riau became the first province in Indonesia to focus on developing the role of BUMDes in the efforts to control regional inflation.

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