Bangka Belitung Islands (ANTARA) - The Communication and Informatics Ministry and state-run postal company PT Pos Indonesia introduced the Belitong Geopark postage stamp series to the public.

"The stamp (series) features three pictures of geosites, wherein two of them are located in East Belitung District and one in Belitung District," Deputy District Head of East Belitung Khairil Anwar stated in Manggar, East Belitung, Bangka Belitung Islands, on Monday.

Anwar noted that the three geoparks featured in the stamps are the Nam Salu Open Pit Geosite in Senyubuk, Kelapa Kampit Sub-district; Punai Beach in Tanjung Kelumpang Village, Simpang Pesak Sub-district; and the Tanjung Kelayang Trias Granite Rock "Batu Burung Garuda" in Belitung District.

"The launch of these stamps is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Communication and Informatics and UNESCO-Geopark Belitong, the administrations of East Belitung and Belitung, PT Pos Indonesia, and state-owned banknote printing company Peruri," he pointed out.

He affirmed the stamps that feature the geoparks in East Belitung and Belitung are a medium to promote the natural and cultural wealth of the region.

"At least, these stamps will 'travel' around the world. Hopefully, their existence would serve as a medium of information about Belitong Island, (for it) to be more global," he stated.

Meanwhile, Head of the East Belitung Office of Culture and Tourism Evi Nardi remarked that the region has four geoheritage tourism potentials: the Nam Salu Open Pit, Burung Mandi, Tebat Rasau, and Gunung Lumut.

Nardi said the development of geoheritage tourism aligns with the destination of East Belitung District as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

The East Belitung district government has formed a geopark forum that aims to propose geoparks whose management will fall under the Belitung Island Geopark Management Body.

"One of the management's tasks is to develop the geoheritage potentials of Belitong Island, so that they can provide welfare to the people," she explained.

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Translator: Ahmadi, Kenzu T
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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