Hopefully, they can strengthen the sectors affected (by the price increase).
Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA) - East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa has launched social protection programs to anticipate inflation due to the recent increase in fuel prices, which could reduce people's purchasing power.

“It (the assistance program) is expected to encourage the spirit (of the people) to realize the ‘Optimism for Rising East Java (program),’” she said at her office here on Friday.

She informed that the total assistance disbursed by the provincial government has reached Rp257 billion.

"There are various social protection programs launched. Hopefully, they can strengthen the sectors affected (by the price increase)," she stated.

The programs include additional cash aid of Rp600 thousand each for 4 thousand beneficiaries of the social assistance program for persons with disabilities (ASPD).

Furthermore, there is social assistance of Rp600 thousand each for 24,271 conventional and online motorcycle taxi drivers.

In addition, the provincial government is implementing a motorized-vehicle tax (PKB) exemption program for 34,917 public transportation units, especially urban public transport (locally called ‘angkot’), with a total budget allocation of Rp64.147 billion.

The provincial government is also providing social assistance to 30 thousand micro-enterprises with a total budget of Rp18 billion.

Furthermore, social assistance worth Rp12.462 billion will be distributed to 20,770 fishermen.

The provincial government has also held East Java Food Barns and Market Operations in five offices of the Regional Coordination Agency (Bakorwil) and 25 traditional markets, with a total budget of Rp17.7 billion, to anticipate inflation in the food sector.

In the agricultural sector, the provincial government has initiated the sustainable food farm assistance program under which it has disbursed hydroponics equipment packages, horticultural plant seeds, and catfish ponds worth Rp30 million per beneficiary for 100 farming groups.

In addition, a Cheap Food Market will be organized at 20 locations, with a total budget of Rp600 million.

The governor said that her administration has also provided a transportation subsidy of Rp15 billion for pioneer shipping transports.

Meanwhile, Rp9 billion has been allocated for the Trans East Java Bus subsidy.

Furthermore, the provincial government will disburse Rp80 billion to 40 thousand beneficiaries of the Family Hope Program (PKH) Plus.

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