Surabaya (ANTARA) - Surabaya Governor Eri Cahyadi highlighted that the city government had readied a strategy to address flood problems plaguing several areas in the city.

Several comprehensive efforts had been made to solve the flood problems, including working on water reservoirs, installing box culverts, building bridges, and starting pavement construction work.

"We have been able to handle floods in the Karangpoh area, and only one flood-affected area is left. Hopefully, it would not flood again," Cahyadi noted in Surabaya, East Java, Saturday.

In addition to the Karangpoh area, the city government handled flooding in the areas of Gayungsari, Ahmad Yani, Ketintang, Wiyung, Dharmawangsa, and Panglima Suderman.

Cahyadi is optimistic that during the upcoming rainy season, those areas would be free from flooding or water puddles.

"I hope during the rainy season, the city would be able to control areas prone to floods according to our plans," he added.

Meanwhile, the head of the village community empowerment agency (LPMK) in Karangpoh Village, Surabaya, Dwi Siswanto, noted that Darmo Indah Asri Street, Darmo Indah Sari Street, Tubanan Street, Gadel Sari Praja Street, and East Gadel Street were five areas prone to floods in Karangpoh.

"The city government had been able to solve the flood problem in those areas. Residents were no longer experiencing flood," he remarked.

He also emphasized that several strategies for accelerating flood handling efforts had been made by the government, such as the construction of a one-hectare water reservoir in the Tubanan area to handle floods that usually occur on Darmo Indah Sari Street and Darmo Indah Asri Street.

"A sluice gate in the reservoir controls the water flow. As a result, residents in Karangpoh Village and Tandes Village have not experienced flooding anymore," Siswanto stated.

In addition, he noted that the city government had installed box culverts on Tubanan Street and started the bridge construction work on Gadel Sari Praja Street.

"In the past, flooding occurred on Gadel Sari Praja Street because the water could not be absorbed, so the government planned to build a bridge," he added.

In mid-September 2022, the city government will also conduct flood-handling work on East Darmo Indah Street.

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