Jakarta (ANTARA) - Ancient manuscripts of Nusantara, or the archipelago, help Indonesian society to understand the nation's history, which contains a myriad of cultures that have noble values and store the glory of the past.

"Ancient manuscripts of Nusantara help people understand the track record and the results of ancestral ideals," National Library Head Muhammad Syarif Bando remarked in the "2022 Expose of the Preservation Results of Ancient Manuscripts of Nusantara", here on Monday.

Bando added that the archaic manuscripts resulted from the nation's ancestors' ideals in building a civilization with a better direction. According to Bando, the knowledge contained in ancient manuscripts is crucial and useful for society.

He said that the National Library has a task of explaining to the international world the teachings of social orders and structures contained in the manuscripts.

"Our main task is how to carry the wisdom values contained in the manuscript," he stated.

Meanwhile, the Director of Religion, Education, and Culture at the National Development Planning Ministry /National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Amich Alhumami, said that historical manuscripts reflect the high achievements of the nation's intellectual work.

"The set of ancient manuscripts contains very rich and valid wisdom. In fact, this is part of the nation's high intellectual achievements," Alhumami said.

He noted that ancient manuscripts have the same important part as other things, in terms of development. He considered them a central part of cultural development.

On the other hand, Professor of Philologists, Faculty of Adab and Humanities of the State Islamic University (UIN) of Jakarta, Oman Fathurahman, said there are seven aspects in the Nusantara manuscript ecosystem: regulations and policies; manuscript owners; media publication and advocacy; conservation, restoration, and digitization; global networks, big data-based databases; and qualified human resources.

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