Padang, West Sumatra (ANTARA) - At least 1.6 billion cyberattacks were recorded in Indonesia in 2021, the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) informed on Tuesday, adding that they predominantly involved traffic anomalies, most of which were malware-related.

“With advances in information and communication technology, the spectrum of threats is getting more expansive, therefore Indonesia must also be responsive and ready to face cyberwarfare," Director of Cyber and Crypto Security of Information and Communication Technology, Media, and Transportation and Deputy IV of BSSN Rinaldy said in Padang on Tuesday.

He made the remarks at the launch of the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) or the Padang Government Cyber Incident Response Team under the name Padang-CSIRT.

According to Rinaldy, in the 1.6 billion cyberattacks, the anomaly types mostly ranged from malware, trojan activity, to gathering information to detect gaps in the security system.

Providing an analogy for an anomaly, he said that it is like ten people suddenly coming into a house that is usually inhabited by one or two people.

"What was once quiet suddenly became crowded, so it needs to be a concern for the cyber incident response team," he added. After the anomaly comes the cyberattack.

A cyberattack is like many people trying to barge into the imaginary house, some carrying screwdrivers and pliers, and trying to pry open its entrance, he explained.

"When attacked, if the (lock on the) house entry is not strong, they can barge in. But if you use an iron door and it is strong, the attacker cannot enter," he said.

What comes next is the highest threat level: a security incident in which the attacker is able to get in and take some of the items from the house.

Rinaldy said that his administration is prioritizing handling the threat of cyberattacks. "What keeps increasing is the amount of data leak attacks carried out by (perpetrators), the majority of whom are motivated by the goal to obtain government-owned data," he elaborated.

He described it as a serious technical threat in cyberspace.

Besides, there is also the risk of social cyberattacks, which seek to influence people through cyberspace and are closely related to political warfare, information warfare, psychological warfare, and propaganda, he said.

He then reiterated President Joko Widodo's message calling for Indonesia to be ready to face the threat of cybercrime, including data misuse.

Building cybersecurity involves three interrelated aspects: human resources, processes, and technology. "HR plays a crucial role in building cybersecurity by making efforts to improve the process and technology aspects," he said.

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Translator: Ikhwan Wahyudi, Mecca Yumna
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