Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Communication and Informatics has established a space to enable electronic system providers, either of regional governments or universities, to clarify the reason behind the presence of online gambling elements on their websites.

"We want to ask for explanation why (online gambling) can get involved. What is the protection system like. Hence, we ask for their clarification," the director general of public communication information Usman Kansong noted.

Regional governments and universities' sites were categorized as public electronic system, he remarked.

According to Government Regulation No. 71 of 2019 on electronic system and transactions, the ministry is tasked with monitoring electronic system providers, both in the public and private scopes.

Clarification is necessary for the ministry to gauge the provider's mistakes, in the event of an incident that puts the electronic system at risk.

Should there be any negligence found on the providers' end, they would be sanctioned according to the magnitude of their mistake.

"We can punish (providers) depending on the extent of their negligence. There are many levels to the punishments, ranging from reminder to access revocation, so that their system cannot be accessed," he explained.

The regulation detailed the sanctions for the providers, who failed to meet their obligations, such as warning, fine, temporary restriction, access revocation, and even getting scratched out from the list of electronic system providers.

In the last few months, some regional governments and educational institution sites were found to contain online gambling elements.

The National Cyber and Crypto Agency also stated that a similar case was found since December 2022.

The agency discovered 291 websites of public electronic system providers that contain online gambling elements. Of these websites, 30 are government sites, 38 are school sites, and 68 belonged to universities.

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